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Why is My Roof Leaking?

Why is my roof leaking?

You see a dark stain on the ceiling or streaks on your walls!

There are numerous reasons why your roof may be leaking and

Roof U.S. Construction can help you to find out why. Leaks can even happen on new roofs! Let’s outline what could be causing your roof leak:

--The roof is just too old……Roofs don’t last forever: Once the materials in your roof age beyond their life expectancy they begin to break down, compromising the integrity of your roof and allowing water penetration; thus the stain on your ceiling.

Roof U.S. Construction can fix that—we would appreciate you letting us quote a new roof for you! We use high quality materials and our installers are pros, so you won’t have to worry about a leaking roof again!

--Bad installation or low-quality materials…..One of the most common causes for leaks are poor workmanship. Leaks often occur if an inexperienced roofing contractor did not install the materials properly or if they used low-quality material. Roof U.S. Construction installs materials manufactured by trusted companies such as Owens Corning or CertainTeed. Flashing and roof vents can also be improperly installed and can definitely cause leaks, so call Roof U.S. Construction to repair or replace your leaking roof today!

--Improper Room Ventilation…..Improper ventilation in rooms where high moisture is generated (like kitchens and bathrooms) can cause moisture to build up and cause serious damage over time. Be sure these rooms are ventilated properly to avoid problems.

-- Compromised shingles….Mother Nature may have brought a wind or hail storm. These storms can weaken the seal integrity of your shingles, and your roof may be permanently compromised leading to leaks. Roof U.S. Construction works with all the major insurance companies and can help you manage the claim process and be your advocate in helping you to be sure all damage is discovered and paid out to you.

--Obstructed water flow or punctured roof…..Debris (leaves, limbs) can block water flow causing pooling which can seep into your home and cause damage. This debris can build up in your roof valley (the V where two sloping roofs meet). Keep your roof free of debris and your gutters cleaned out to prevent damage. Also, fallen tree branches, hail and other objects may puncture a roof and cause leaks. Roof U.S. Construction would be happy to inspect your roof after a storm to be sure your roof is safe and secure!

If you notice any signs of a leaking roof, it is imperative to repair the problem(s) as soon as possible to avoid further damage and even greater expense. Call Roof U.S. Construction today for a free professional inspection! 573-446-3233

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